We are looking to hire both a web developer with experience in either PHP or Ruby on Rails. Mastery in one of these languages is more important to us than an understanding in many languages.  We are seeking a web app developer, freelancer, or independent development firm to partner with us in order to develop a new back end management system (including billing, accounting client management) and client facing (client login, viewing proofs, ecommerce).

Here are some of the really great features we have for innovative developers to strategize and implement:

  • Online Proofing of Photos
  • HTML5 User Interface Elements
  • Ecommerce Functionality
  • Server Side Image Editing/Manipulation
  • Integration of Social Network APIs


We’re open to several different arrangements:

If you are a developer looking for either a part time or full time job, send us a resume and some portfolio items.

If you are a freelancer, reach out with a portfolio and some client references and tell us what your 6-month availability would be.

If you are an independent development firm, send us an email and we can discuss you putting together a formal proposal. We’re not doing RFP’s. We would much rather connect with you by voice to see if we can be long-term partners.


Contact Information:


(570) 995-1119