I am writing to share some exciting news.

You first met us in the hospital after the birth of your child as Dimples Photography. When we formed our company, the name seemed a good fit for us; a solid representation of our company’s personality and mission. And under that name, we’ve been providing consistent, reliable, high-quality, creative photography services to our clients, both in-hospital and in-home.

Then, we discovered that there were many companies with the same name… including several other photography companies. Some of those have reputations that are not up to our exacting standards. Of course, we don’t want to be mistaken for one of those companies or for that matter with any other company. We want to stand out for our reputation for outstanding customer service.

The time came to make a difficult decision. And I knew in my heart which choice was the right one. I also knew we were ready for something different that could bring positive changes with it.

I believe that the decision we made will lead to a bright, successful future for our company, our employees and you, as it supports us in delivering the best possible service to our customers.

Dimple Photography is now Sweet Seedlings.

While the decision to change our name was difficult, the choice of our new name was easy. We already serve day-care centers under Sweet Seedlings Photography. Bringing our in-hospital and in-home divisions under that umbrella just made sense. Pure and simple.

Of course, our new name is, and always will be, backed by our long-standing commitment to consistent service, professionalism, creativity, and innovation.

We look forward to many years of working with your family to capture all of life’s joyful, milestone moments.

With gratitude for your business,

Lynn Banta
Sweet Seedlings Photography