The owners of Dimples Photography bring experience totaling 145 years in fields as far ranging as nursing, photography, advertising, law, IT, employment services, and of course, hospital newborn photography. This depth and diversity of experience resulted in the development of a powerful new business model to serve hospitals and their patients with a level of service never before seen in this specialized industry.

As the former owners of Baby Prints in Dallas, PA, and That’s My Baby in Atlanta, GA, the Dimples team was the first to post hospital newborn photos to the Internet in 1996. Between 1996 and 2007 our team served nearly 300 hospitals and millions of families with newborn photography.

In 2007, a New York private equity firm consolidated our industry by buying the top four companies serving birthing hospitals – ours included. Although anxious to continue our mission of serving new families and hospitals with our unique photo program, our team was constrained by non-compete agreements until recently. So it is with great excitement and expectations that we proudly re-introduce ourselves with an innovative new hospital photo program and a distinctive organization as…

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